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3rd Party

 Item    Description\Notes
 Home Depot   
 Top-Level HD Company   Enter Top-Level HD Company
 XML Storage   Choose Preferred XML storage in the drop-down list
 Cost Database   Choose Cost Database storage in the drop-down list 
 Provider ID   Enter Provider ID 
 BITS Enabled    Check this box to enable BITS 
 Franchise Company   Enter Franchise Company
 Security ID   Enter Security ID
 Exchange URL   Enter Exchange URL 
 Franchise Location ID   Enter Franchise Location ID
 Internet Email Settings    
 Maximum Email/Days   Enter Maxim Email/ Days 
 Email List Location   Choose Email List Location on the drop-down list
 Use 20/20 Design CSV Import   Check this box to Use 20/20 Design CSV Import
 Default Action Verb   Enter Default Action Verb 
 Material Markup%   Enter Material Markup%
 Default Job Role   Choose Preferred Default Job Role on the drop-down list
 Cost Modifier   Enter Cost Modifier 
 Default UOM   Choose Preferred Default UOM on the drop-down list 
 Default Est. Phase   Choose Preferred Default Est. Phase on the drop-down list  
 Default Category   Choose Preferred Default Category on the drop-down list 
 Guild Quality API Credentials    
 User Name   Enter User Name 
 Password   Enter Password 

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