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Address Info Detail Screen

Item   Description\Notes
 Address Line 1
 Address Line 2
 Address Line 3
 State or Region
 Post Code
 OK button
 Cancel button
 Print Label icon
 Company button
 Person button

Note: All addresses within RBS is displayed as a read-only, single-line address.  Example below:

 If there multiple addresses on the SAME screen, then the user can do a DRAG-and-DROP (select a Source Address field and DRAG to the Target Address field) to COPY the contents of one address field to another.

Click on the icon\button to edit the address details above.
Click on the icon\button to display the address location on a map or to get directions from one address to another.  RBS Supports the following maps: MapQuest , Yahoo Maps , Google Maps and Bing Maps .

Click on the icon\button to display the Print Dymo Label dialog to print a label.

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