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Appendix 5 - MS Word Templates

The following Microsoft Word Templates are supplied with RBS.  One of the steps performed during the initial setup stage is to create copies of each template (normally referred to as Site Templates).  The templates that have values below 1000 (e.g., are referred to as the default source templates.

All site templates will have numerical value greater than 999 (i.e.,, etc.).  It is highly recommended that changes are only made to the Site Templates.

 Template Title\Name
   Confirmation Letter - Handyman
 T2.DOT    Design Retainer Agreement
 T3.DOT    Design Development Agreement
 T4.DOT    Client Lead Qualifier
 T5.DOT    Confirmation Letter - Design/Build
 T6.DOT    Design Build Feasibility Agreement
 T7.DOT    Proposal Fee Agreement
 T8.DOT    Client Satisfaction Questionnaire - Design Build
 T9.DOT    Client Satisfaction Questionnaire - Handyman
 T11.DOT    Contract Proposal
 T12.DOT    Additional Work Authorization
 T13.DOT    Confirmation Letter - Time & Material
 T18.DOT    Warranty Work Order
 T19.DOT    Subcontractor Quote
 T20.DOT    Subcontractor Purchase Order
 T24.DOT    Design Agreement
 T26.DOT    Design Agreement Only
 T27.DOT    Preliminary Budgeting Estimate
 T30.DOT    Purchase Order - Materials Only
 T31.DOT    Purchase Order - Labor Only
 T32.DOT    Purchase Order - Materials & Labor
 T33.DOT    Estimate Item Internal Use Notes
 T34.DOT    Client Report - Scope of Work

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