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Design Template

 Items  Notes
 Available Data Sources (1)  Different fields that can be added as bokmarks to the work document.

 Main Data Source
 This is normally the JOB record for most templates that retrieve information on a job or lead.

 Close  Closes the window.
 Insert Field  Insert selected field into current Template and database.
 Query Table  
 Document Bookmarks (2)  List of existing merge fields/bookmarks. Any added bookmarks will appear in this list. 
 Delete Bookmark  Delete selected bookmark from current Template and database.
 Word Document Template (3)  Document Template will open in Word.

 Do NOT manually ADD or DELETE BOOKMARKS in Word.  Only use the INSERT FIELD and DELETE BOOKMARK buttons since this is the only way that RBS will be updated with the bookmarks are are on the Word Template being modified.

Add a new bookmark\merge field to the template

Delete a bookmark from the template

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