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Document Link Detail

 Field  Notes
 Document Type  Click on the drop down box next to document type to choose the type of document to be stored
 Reference Number  This will be automatically filled in
 Destination Location  Click on the drop down arrow next to the Dest. Location field to choose where you would like to locate the file
 Source File  Click on Upload to navigate to where your document is stored and click OK. This will enter the path into the Source File field
 Description  Enter a full description of your document
 Keywords  Enter a keyword in this field to help describe your document
 Date Received  Enter the date you received the document
 Date Sent  Enter the date you sent the document to the client
 Job Name  The program will automatically fill this in based on the Name of your job
 Company  Click on the  to bring up the Company search screen. If you need to enter a company name for reference, this can be done here.
For example, if you have another company do your CAD drawings, this can be entered here.

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