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Estimate List

Item   Description\Notes
Estimates List
  The list of all estimates for the current job.  Multiple estimates can be created to provide different pricing scenario pr levels (i.e. good, better, best, etc.)  Only accepted estimates can be used to generate the main Contract Proposal or Change Order\Misc. Proposals.
Copy Selected button  
Copy Existing button    
Add button    
Edit button    Displays the Estimate Detail screen to allow the user to make changes to a specific estimate (unaccepted).
Delete button  

Create a new estimate
Click on the ADD button
The Estimate Markups and Labor screen will be displayed for user input.  Make any desired changes to markups, default cost database to use, applicable wage rates, estimate options, etc.
Click OK to continue.

Create new estimate by copying a selected estimate

Create New estimate by copying an existing estimate

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