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Estimate Detail

 Estimate Totals Panel (1)
  Displays the current totals for the current estimate.
 Phases Panel (2)
  Click on the PHASE node to select the phase to work with.

Right-Mouse Click on the PHASE note to display the Phase Pop-Up Menu for additional functionality.

Add Phase    
 Edit Phase
 Delete Phase
 Import Phase
 Re-Order Phase
 Duplicate Phase
 Adjust Phase Markups

Right-Mouse Click on the COST CATEGORY under any Phase to display the Cost Category Pop-Up Menu for additional functionality.

 Item    Description\Notes
 Delete Phase Category
 Transfer Category to Another Phase
 Adjust Category Markups

 Phase Dimensions Panel (3)
  Displays the Phase Dimensions for the current Phase.

 Cost Category Panel (4)
  Displays the Cost Categories that contain cost items from the current Cost Database.

Right-Mouse Click on this panel to display a pop up of additional menu options:

 Item    Description\Notes
 Select Cost Database
   Displays a lost of all available Cost Databases for user selection.
 Use Assemblies
   Displays the Cost Assembly Select screen for user selection.

 Estimate Items Panel (5)
  Lists all the current Estimate Items by Cost Category.

Double-Click on a specific Estimate item to edit data using the Estimate Item Detail screen.

Right-Mouse Click on this Panel to access additional functionality

 Add Estimate Item     
 Edit Estimate Item
 Delete Estimate Item    
 Add Free Text Item
 Print Estimate Items
 Product Selection
 Export List
 Enable Multi-Select
 Enable Direct Qty Edit
 Copy Selected Item(s)
 Select All
 Clear All
 Bulk Delete Selected Item(s)
 Column Settings
 Transfer Selected Items to Another Phase
 Set Selected Items as Preliminary Items
 Clear Preliminary Flag on Selected Items
 Bulk Select of Cost Items
   Displays the Bulk Select Cost Items screen for item selection.

 Totals Panel (6)
  Displays the TOTALS for the current Cost Category, the current PHASE and ESTIMATE.

 Cost Items Panel (7)
  Lists the cost items for the selected Cost Category (Panel 4).

Right-Mouse Click on the Cost Estimate List\Grid to access additional functionality

 Item    Description\Notes
 Add Cost Item
 Print Cost Items List
 Export List

 Include Inactive Cost Items check box
 Add To Current Phase button
 Add to Multiple Phases button
 Accept Date Field
 Accept button
 Show Costs check box
 Save button

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