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General Info

 Item    Description\Notes
 Company Name
  Enter Company Name
 Installation Date
  Enter Installation Date
Address Information
 Office Address
  Enter Office Address
 Postal Address
  Enter Postal Address
 Warehouse Address
  Enter Warehouse Address
 Company Info
 Main Phone
  Enter Main Phone Number
 Main Fax
  Enter Main Fax Number 
 Website   Enter Website
 EIN (Employer Identification Number)
  Enter EIN
 License No   Enter License Number 
 Default State   Enter Default State 
 Include Country in Address   Check this box to include Country in the Address
 Default Country   Enter Default State 
 Current DB Version    
 Design Agreement Preferences
 Credit Design Fees   Indicate if the company credits fees charged for Design Agreements if the lead becomes a job. 
 Allow Editable MIN MAX for Fixed Priced D/A   Indicates if authorized users will be able to override the default Min/Max amount defined for each Design Agreement Type.
 Use Multi-Invoice   Is used to specify if the Design Agreement will be billed in multiple invoices as opposed to the default single invoice. 
 Required Field Colors
 Backcolor   Set back color
 Forecolor   Set Fore color 
 Required Entry/Selection    
 Initial Appointment    
 User's In Box    
 House Age/Year Builit    
 Time Lived InLived Since    
 Contract Proposal Preferences    
 Proposal Deposit Percentage   Enter Proposal Deposit Percentage
 Use Custom Proposal Items   Check this box to Use Custom Proposal Items
 Restrict Proposal Acceptance   Check this box to Restrict Proposal Acceptance
 Change Order Preferences    
 Daily Rate   This is the rate to be used to calculate the number of additional days to be added to the project, e.g. a
$5,000.00 Change Order will automatically cause 5 days to be added to the job. 
 Deposit %   This is the preferred deposit percentage for Change Order/Misc. Proposal.
 Admin Fee   This is any fee that is applicable to Change Order/Misc. Proposal.
 Vendor Quote Preferences    
 Permit Type To Print   Is used to specify which permit type is printed on the Quotes/Purchase Orders.
 Default requestor for Quotes/POs   Is used to specify the user that is displayed/printed as the person making the request.

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