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General User Info

User Name  

This field will display the user name for the computer. The user name field should always be filled in with the users first initial and last name.
Example: MSMITH

User ID  You do not need to fill this in, the system will update it automatically. 
Display Name  This is the field that will Display the users name. In this field you want to enter the user’s first and last name. 
Example: Michael Smith 
Is Active  Check this field if you want this user to appear in the system. If this field is not clicked the record is still available but it will not be active. You will not have the ability to use this user. 
Example: An employee gets fired. You do not want him assigned to anymore jobs but you would like to keep his information available for tax purposes at the end of the year.
Job Title  This field is for the users title.
Example: Lead Carpenter 
License Number  This field will be used if the user has an active license number. If the user is a plumber or subcontractor and has an active license number this can be stored here for future use. 
Hire Date  You can store the date the employee was hired in this field.
Release Date  If an employee is fired, you can store his termination date in this field. 
Supervisor You can enter the person’s supervisor in this field. Click on the drop down menu. All employees will be available as soon as they are entered as users. 
Region If the employee is assigned to a specific region you can assign that here. These choices are set up in Reference Admin. 
Personal Information  See Below 
Password  You can assign a User a password which can be changed at a later time. Currently all passwords default to password. 
Payroll Type  You can set up the employees payroll status from here. These choices are set up in Reference Admin. 
Picture Full Path 
This lists the file path to get to this employees picture. 
Picture Filename 
This is where you can attach a picture of the employee for identification purposes. 
Cost Center 
Leave Blank 
Org. Unit  Leave Blank 
Reset In Use 
Leave Blank 
Person ID 
Leave Blank 
Direct Connect  If this person has a Nextel Direct Connect number, it can be entered here.
Linked Documents 
You can link any additional documents here.

Personal Information Screen

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