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Initial IRBS Setup

The setup checklist was designed to get the new site get up and running as quickly as possible. 

These actions should be performed as the very important first steps after the installation.

Item   Description\Notes
Update License
  Initiates the process to update the ImproveBuild RBS License.
Edit Company Configuration
  Initiates the process to edit company settings and preferences.
Change Personal User Preferences
  Initiates the process to edit personal preferences of the current user.
Customize Reference/Look-Up Data
  Initiates the process to customize and maintain the many look-up reference data.
Import HomeTech Data
  Initiates the process to import HomeTech Cost Database (if site is using HomeTech Data).
Setup Document Templates
  Initiates the process to create the site document templates (using the default templates as the source).
Setup Groups
Setup Group Functions
Setup Users

Assign Users to Groups

   Displays the Security Manager to allow the administrator to administer Group Accounts, Group Functions and User Accounts.
Change User Password   Change the default password to ensure privacy and security of the Administrator (and user account).

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