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Invoice Detail Screen

 Field  Notes
 Job Name  A view-only Job Name as specified in the Job-Persons Screen
 Invoice Date  This field will automatically be filled
 Job Information  This field will automatically be filled
 Terms  Click on the drop down arrow to choose a Term (Use Unspecified)
 Due Date  You can fill in a date the invoice is due
 Reference Number  You can enter a reference number if needed
 Total Amount  This will be filled in after an Invoice Item is entered
 Processed  If this box is checked, this record will be processed
 Balance  This will be filled in after payment is entered if balance was not paid in full
 Description  A default description will be displayed but you can enter any type of invoice description in this box. (this will print on the invoice)
 Invoice ID  The system will assign
 Invoice Notes  Enter any type of invoice notes here (this will not print on the invoice)

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