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List Export Screen

 Item    Description\Notes
 Fields Listbox
   A list of all the available fields (varies with each list being exported) will be displayed for user selection.  Select the fields to be include using the Checkboxes next to the fields.
 Format Dropdown
  The user can select the output format for the export file
  • Delimited text (comma separated values) - .TXT
  • Excel spreadsheet - .XLS
  • HTML format - .HTM
 Display Export Output Checkbox
  If selected, the output will be displayed after the export has completed.
 Filename   The full path and file name of the output export file.
    Displays the OPEN FILE dialog to allow user to navigate to the output folder where the file will be created.
  Initiates the EXPORT process  If the "Display Export Output" checkbox is selected, the output will be displayed.
     Cancels the export and closes the screen.
     Clears all the selected Checkboxes in the Fields Listbox.
     Selects all the Checkboxes in the Fields Listbox.

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