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Modify Database Properties

The "Modify Database Properties" is a function that should be used with great caution since it will make permanent changes to the IRBS Database.  This function should not be used unless requested by an ImproveBuild Technical Support staff.

When necessary, the ImproveBuild Support staff will email the RBS administrator a text file containing SQL scripts to be executed.  The file name is usually SQLUpdate.txt and should be saved in the RBS Server location (normally \\[Servername]\IRBS_Server\ if the default was selected during the initial RBS installation).  The [Servername] is the name of the server where RBS Server components were installed.

Once the menu is selected, a confirmation screen will be displayed.

Select NO to exit and YES to continue.  The 'Select\Specify File' dialog will be displayed with the default path and file name. 

Click CANCEL to exit and OK to continue with the database change.

A message will be displayed showing the status of the script execution.

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