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Multi-Company Utility

For sites that have acquired multiple company licenses, this Company Selection Utility will allow authorize users to select the Company to be used.

To support the switching between separate companies (different databases, templates, storage locations, QuickBooks compani files, etc), the process to setting up this utility include:

1) A file (appconfigmulti.xml) containing the information of each company and appconfig.xml file that will be used for each company.  The COUNT tells RBS how many company licenses are available.  Each company will have an 'Sn' (where n is the ordinal number of the company), the name of the source appconfigXX.xml and the 'Company Name'.  ImproveBuild support staff will set up and configure the necessary files for sites with multiple licenses.

2) Each company will have a unique appconfigXX.xml file.  This file will be used to overwrite the standard appconfig.xml (the main file that tells RBS which SQL Server database to use and the corresponding login credentials).

3) A shortcut to theexecutable that will allow authorized users to select the company to work with.

When this utility is launched the selection screen will be displayed:

All the available companies (specified in the appconfigmulti.xml) will be displayed for user selection.  The user can also elect to use the most current company file last used on the computer OR select a new company to work with.

Once the user has made the selection, this utility will copy the necessary appconfigXX.xml file and replace the existing appconfig.xml.

The utility will then launch the IRBS.EXE to display the login screen and allow the user to sign in.

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