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Product Detail Screen

Item   Description\Notes
OK button
  Start the search using any specified criteria.  Records matching the selection criteria will be returned and displayed in the Job List.
Cancel button
  Close the Query screen without any processing.
Product Code    Enter Product Code 
Bar Code    Enter Bar code
Cost Category    Choose the cost category on the drop-down list
Product Category    Choose the product category on the drop-down list
Description   Enter Description 
Unit of Measure   Choose the Unit of Measure on the drop-down list 
Unit Cost    Enter Unit Cost 
Unit Price   Enter Unit Price 
Weight Unit Cost   Enter Weight Unit Cost
Warranty Days- Sell   Enter Warranty Days- Sell
Warranty Days- Buy   Enter Warranty Days- Buy
Is Active    Check the box if the record is active 
Is Vendor Product   Check the box if the record is a vendor product
Is Service   Check the box if the record is a service
Is For Retail Sale   Check the box if the record is for retail sale 
Manufacturer   Choose the manufacturer on the drop-down list
Brand Name   Enter Brand Name
Picture Full Path   Enter Path
ICON Filename   Enter ICON Filename
Small Pic Filename   Enter Small Pic Filename
Large PIC Filename   Enter Large PIC Filename
Linked Documents    To enter linked documents you may choose among add, open, delete or search 
Import Company   Enter Import Company
Image Upload   Click to Upload Image
View Picture   Click to View Picture

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