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Server Update

The RBS Server Update utility will download and process all pending\available updates\patches from the ImproveBuild website.

This screen will be displayed when all users have logged out of RBS.

This screen will be displayed when one or more users are still using RBS.  All users must log out before the utility can be executed.

If user(s) that appear on the list is really not in RBS, the Administrator (or authorized user) must use the RBS Admin Reset Utility to clear the logged in condition.

 All the available updates\patches since the last update will be listed in the read-only list.

Simply click on the 'Download\Process' button to start the update process.
  Occasionally, the Server Update process updates the database with the latest version information even though a sub-process of the utility had unexpectedly failed.

The 'Reset Version' allows the Administrator (or authorized user) to reset the version to a prior version, and in the process allows the Server Update utility to be executed again.
    The following steps are performed as part of the update process:

  • A folder is created for the latest version (update folder)
  • Each version\patch since the last update will be downloaded and saved in the folder created for this update.  Newer files will overwrite existing (older) version.
  • The RBSYSSQL.MDB file is downloaded and decompressed into the update folder
  • Once all the versions have been processed, all the files are copied to the RBS Server location AND the local RBS location of the computer where the utility was ran from.
  • The Bulk Register Utility is automatically executed to re-register all files with .OCX and .DLL extensions in the local RBS folder.
  • The Database Update Utility is executed to add any new tables and fields to the database.

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