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Selection Screens

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Sample Selection (Filter) Screen

The Query Screens allow users to filter\select records from the database.  All the selection criteria is "ANDed" together (i.e. ALL specified conditions must be met before the record(s) are included in the results).

Item    Description\Notes
 Criteria Fields
  Different selection\criteria fields will be displayed for each type of objects\entities (Job, Invoice, Company, Person, etc.) being selected.
 OK button
  Applies any selection criteria specified and does a database search for matching records.  The results of the search will be displayed in the LIST screen for the type of object\entities.
 Cancel button
  Closes dialog and returns t main application screen.
 Clear button
  Blanks out any specified criteria and allow user to specify new ones.
 New button
  Will display the Detail ADD screen for the specific type of object\entity (Job, Company, Person, etc.)  Not all entities will have the New button visible.
 Simple List Chek box
   If this is checked, a simple (non-hierarichal lis) will be displayed instead of the default List screen for the type of object\entity.

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