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Simple Query Builder

 Items  Notes  
 Show Table List  If this box is checked, shows table list
 Displayed  System generated
 Max Records  Displays the maximum numbers of records
 Generate Mail Labels  Click to generate mail labels
  Select All  Click to select all fields
  Clear All  Click to clear all fields
  Print Fields  Click to print selected fields
  Show Columns in Alphabetical Order  If this box is checked, shows columns in alphabetical order 
  Column Name  Click on the drop down box to choose column name
  Condition  Click on the drop down box to choose a condition
  Value  Enter value
  Add to Filter  Click to add to filter
  AND to Filter  Click to filter
  Delete  Click to delete selected fields
  Column Name  Click on the drop down box to choose a column name
  Sort Order  Choose a sort order
  Add Sort  Click to add selected field
  Delete Sort  Click to delete selected field
  Move Up  Click to navigate selected field
  Move Down  Click to navigate selected field
 Refresh Data  Click to refresh all data
 Mail Merge  Click to merge selected fields to mail
 Save Settings  Click to save settings

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