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UDF Designer

User-Defined Fields (UDF) can be added by authorized users to capture, store and retrieve information that is not part of the standard RBS records.

UDFs can be added for the following entities: Asset, Company, Job, Person, Product and User Accounts (as shown in the image below).

Select an entity from the list on the left to see the list of any defined UDF(s).

To EDIT a defined field on the list, highlight the row and click on the EDIT button.

To DELETE a defined field from the list, highlight the row and click on the DELETE button.  WARNING: Any DATA stored in the deleted field will be PERMANENTLY LOST.

To ADD a new UDF, click on the ADD button and enter the information in the provided fields (as shown in the image below).

 ADD Screen

   EDIT Screen


 Item    Description
 Field Caption
  This is the prompt (or label) that the user sees when the screen containing the User-Defined Field(s) is displayed.
 Display Order
   The order that the UDF(s) will be displayed.
 Field Name
  The name that the field will be stored in the database.  The field name should conform to the following rules:
- Must start with an alphabetic character (A-Z or a-z).  Not case-sensitive.
- Must only contain alphabetic (A-Z or a-z) or numeric (0-9).  No special characters (i.e. $#@%^*, etc)
- Must NOT contain any SPACE(s).
 Data Type
  The data type of the information to be stored in this field.  Valid selection include:
1) Currency
2) Date\Time
3) Decimal
4) Integer
5) Large Text
6) Text
 Maximum Length
  The maximum number of characters for TEXT and LARGE TEXT field(s)
 Initial Value
  Specify an OPTIONAL initial value.
Form Field ID
  System Field.  Do NOT modify.  This is the unique internal identifier for the UDF.
Form ID
  System Field.  Do NOT modify.  This is the internal identifier of the screen containing the UDF.

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